Custom Subaru remote tuning via a Cobb Accessport.


*For cars with an FA20 DIT engine please select speed density as a tuning option*

With nearly 20 years of Subaru tuning experience we can fine tune a Subie located anywhere. E-tuning is a great solution for those who want something more than just a canned tune that wasn’t created specifically for them. E-tuning gives the ability to write a tune file for whatever parts configuration you have on the car so you aren’t limited to using any particular brand or setup. With custom tuning we’re able to really make your car perform to the best of it’s abilities.

E Tuning (AKA remote tuning) is done through email communication directly with the tuner. He’ll guide you on what parameters to be logging on your Accessport, how to properly and safely execute a pull to collect a data log, how to send him the log, & flash the updated revision. If the car is functioning properly and doesn’t have any issues we can usually complete an E-Tune Service in 3-5 revisions. If the E-Tune Service is going to require more than 5 revisions because the car isn’t functioning properly and requires diagnostic we will charge additionally for each revision or if you need us to diag the car remotely.

To upload files to and from your Accessport you’ll need the Accessport manager which can be found here https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/Accessport-manager. This is what you’ll use to save data logs to your computer so you can email them to the tuner and so you can upload new revisions to your Accessport.

E-Tuning Form

Necessary Info for E-Tuning
  • Please include your first & last name.
  • Please include your phone number.
  • Please include your email address.
  • Please include your vehicle's year, make, & model.
  • Please include your vehicle's VIN number.
  • Please specify what type of transmission you have.
  • Please list all performance related mods on the car that we'll be tuning for. This is very important so don't forget anything, brand names included please!
  • This can be found by clicking the "?" in your AccessPORT screen when it's plugged into the car.
  • Please let us know of any special requests you may have.


Vendor: ECS

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Speed Density

Speed Density, Non Speed Density

Pops & Bangs

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