Dyno Tune Deposit & Waiver




Place this item in your cart and check out in order to start the process of scheduling a Dyno tuning appointment.  Once you have, an associate will be in touch with you in order to schedule your dyno tuning appointment.  Due to the complexity of scheduling for custom Dyno tune work, Dyno Deposits, are NON – REFUNDABLE, and NON – TRANSFERABLE.  In the event a Dyno appointment needs to be rescheduled a 2nd deposit will be required to book the new appointment as well. If the car arrives for a tuning appointment in an untunable condition, the deposit will be forfeited.

Dynometer Release Waiver

Dynometer Release Waiver
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Vehicle owner's Instagram name
  • Please specify your vehicle's year, make, & model.
  • Is your vehicle currently equipped with a catalytic converter? If your car doesn't have a catalytic converter, please contact us to discuss options before going any further.
  • Please provide your vehicle's license plate number.
  • Please provide your vehicles VIN.
  • Please specify your vehicle's EXACT mileage.
  • What is your maximum RPM requested on the dyno? If not sure, recommended answer is "redline".
  • Please list any modifications already on the car or that we will be installing before the tune. Please include brands and sizes if applicable.
  • Please list any modifications that ECS will be installing before tuning or any modifications that have been added since we last tuned your vehicle. If ECS will be installing parts before tuning, make sure it's something you've discussed with the person who setup your appointment. Please don't surprise us with installs on the day of your tuning appointment.
  • Has your car been tuned previously?
  • If your car has been previously tuned, please tell us about it. Who tuned it, when, & what's changed on the car since to warrant a re-tune.
  • Please select which platform will be used to tune your car.
  • Please specify if you'd like us to write you additional maps (i.e. conservative, "kill map", race gas, etc.). Your tune comes standard with a healthy gains map. This is asking if you'd like us to write you any additional maps written during the same dyno session. You will be charged an additional $150 per additional map written.
  • Would you like your car the make pops, bangs, and/or burbles? (Adding this will be an additional $75)
  • What octane would you like your car tuned for? On the day of the tune please have the fuel tank filled with whichever octane you choose. If we're tuning for multiple octanes, please bring it with you.
  • Does the vehicle have any fluid leaks?
  • Does the vehicle have any issues with overheating?
  • Does your vehicle have all it's fluids filled to the recommended amount?
  • Is your vehicle's engine beyond its break-in mileage?
  • Does your vehicle have any known problems or check engine lights currently on? This would include any recent unusual fuel trims, DAM drops, limp modes, poor running conditions, etc.
  • If you selected yes to above, please specify your vehicle's known problems.
  • Let us know of any special requests you may have and we'll do our best to accommodate. (i.e. disable auto start/stop, recalibrate speedometer, etc). Not every car let's us do these things but we can try!
  • If your vehicle is over 10 years old, please attach a photo of your vehicles engine bay.
  • If your vehicle is over 10 years old, please attach a photo of your cars exterior.

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