ECS Base Map/Break-in Map



This item is to be purchased if you need a tune to get you driving safely while waiting for your custom pro-tune. If you have any questions, please call us at 860-758-7644. This purchase is non-refundable.

For help locating your AccessPORT’s serial number, follow this link:

Base Map

Necessary Info for base map
  • Please include your first & last name.
  • Is this MAP to get you driving safely on a fresh engine build with a new block? If so, select "break-in". If this is is to get you driving safely until your pro-tune with some new bolt-ons, select "base".
  • Please include your vehicle's year, make, & model.
  • Please specify what type of transmission you have.
  • Please include your vehicle's VIN number.
  • Please list all performance related mods on the car currently and what will be installed that requires the base map.
  • This can be found by clicking the "?" in your AccessPORT screen when it's plugged into the car.
  • Please include your email address.
  • Please include your phone number.


Vendor: ECS


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