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This is for a Custom E-Tune Service that is to be completed through email. This service requires use of a Cobb AccessPort V3 and using Cobb’s AccessPort Manger which can be downloaded here. Once the service is paid for, you will receive an email from our tuner who will instruct you on datalogging. Once contact has been made with the tuner, please only work directly through email with the tuner. This service is non-refundable. Thank you for your business!

E-Tuning Form

Necessary Info for E-Tuning
  • Please include your first & last name.
  • Please include your phone number.
  • Please include your email address.
  • Please include your vehicle's year, make, & model.
  • Please include your vehicle's VIN number.
  • Please specify what type of transmission you have.
  • Please list all performance related mods on the car that we'll be tuning for. This is very important so don't forget anything, brand names included please!
  • This can be found by clicking the "?" in your AccessPORT screen when it's plugged into the car.
  • Please let us know of any special requests you may have.



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