Whiteline Sway Bar Front & Rear Kit Mitsubishi EVO X 2008-2015


Whiteline 10-15 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO (MR/GSR) / 2015 EVO Final Edition Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit


Activate more grip by upgrading your suspension with WHITELINE’s anti-sway bar kit for the 2008+ Mitsubishi Evolution X. This kit features 3-point adjustable front and rear bars for quick on- track adjustments tuned for perfectly balanced neutral steering and can be adjusted for your specific handling needs. This kit includes WHITELINE’s premium on-car drop-links to eliminate preload during installation and to help adjust for clearances on lowered vehicles. Great for fine tuning and corner balancing. This kit also includes WHITELINE’s high performance synthetic elastomer bushings, featuring a limited lifetime warranty. Over a 20% savings when purchased as a complete kit.

BMK010 Anti-Sway Bar Kit Contains:

BMF55Z : Heavy Duty Blade 3 Point Adjustable Front Sway Bar. 27mm

KLC139 : Sway Bar Link Assembly 65-70mm Rear, On-Car Adjustable

BMR84Z : Heavy Duty Blade 3 Point Adjustable Rear Sway Bar. 27mm

KLC174 : Sway Bar Link Assembly 130-155mm Front, On-Car Adjustable