Whiteline Roll-Center & Bump-Steer Kit WRX / STI 2002-2017 / Impreza 93+ / Forester 09-13 / Legacy GT / Outback XT 05-09

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Whiteline 02-07 WRX / 04-09 STi / 05-08 LGT / 08+ WRX Hatch Front Roll-centre / bump-steer adjust ki


Lowering the ride height of your Subaru WRX and STI can be a very effective modification, enhancing handling by creating a lower vehicle center of gravity and giving the car an aggressive look by minimizing wheel gap. Unfortunately, once the stock ride height has been altered, the front end roll-center is modified as well, which can actually make your car handle worse than stock when carving out those deep corners. The suspension gurus at Whiteline have developed the perfect cure to this ailment, the Whiteline roll-center kit. The Whiteline roll-center kit, also called the ROCK kit, realigns the suspension geometry of your lowered Subaru, raising the front roll-center and creating a substantial increase in front roll resistance and a significant reduction in suspension compression on the outside of the front wheels during cornering. The Whiteline ROCK kit will improve front end weight distribution, maintain a better camber angle and ultimately improve front end grip. You will also experience a reduction in understeer as well as improved steering feel, precision and overall vehicle stability.

Another negative side effect of lowering your car can be the induction of bump-steer. Bump-steer is the concept of bumps or imperfections in the road causing a car to steer off-track on its own, without any driver input. This is described by many Subaru drivers as needing constant direction correction when steering over a bump. This annoying and sometimes even dangerous effect is the result of poor suspension geometry when a vehicle is lowered below factory specs. The Whiteline bump-steer correction kit extends the factory front end tie-rods to keep the axles at nearly the same distance from the frame at the steering box, eliminating axle tilt and subsequently curing bump-steer. Whiteline includes their bump-steer kit in every Subaru roll-center kit for the perfect total suspension solution. Your Subaru never felt this good!



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Carb Compliance Yes
Prop 65 Yes
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