Whiteline Front + Rear Sway Bar Kit Mazda Miata 1999-2005


Whiteline 00-05 Mazda Miata (Incl. Miata LS) / 00-03 Miata SE Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit


Engineered to “Activate more grip”, BMK003 is a packaged solution designed to improve performance and enhance the driving experience of your vehicle. Boasting a 24mm 2 point adjustable front sway bar and 16mm 3 point adjustable rear sway bar, the kit is completed with sway bar mounting accessories that ensure optimum performance and ease of installation. Achieve perfect balance and precise tuning with this Whiteline Sway Bar Kit.

Contains BMF23Z & BMR12Z – essential to “Activate more grip”


Vendor: Whiteline