Whiteline Adjustable Rear Control Arms Nissan 240sx 1989-1994


Whiteline Adjustable Rear Control Arms Nissan 240sx 1989-1994


Rear excess negative camber is a problem for RWD Nissans when lowered beyond 1.75 inches. The stock eccentric camber bolt has limited rear arm adjustment. When you start to really slam your S13 240SX, you require more rear negative camber adjustment. Too much negative camber will drastically wear out the inside contact patch of your expensive rubber, and also not allow for maximum braking and acceleration due to the offset tire patch. The rear end may handle great, but youll burn up your insides of your tires in a very short time. Properly correcting this common problem can be solved by adding adjustable upper control arms. Whiteline adjustable rear control arms are crucial to increase positive caster on your Nissan 240SX. These control arms eliminate any excess rear flex from hard drifting or cornering, and allows custom rear camber settings faster and easier than the stock camber bolts.

FITMENT: Nissan S13 240SX 1989-1994

Part Number: KTA118


Vendor: Whiteline

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Weight 6.25 lbs