Tomei T-Trax 2 Way Advance HA20 Limited Slip Differential Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 VQ35DE


Tomei T-Trax 2 Way Advance HA20 Limited Slip Differential Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 VQ35DE


The T-TRAX ADVANCE “is the most effective LSD unit available” & has the best overall advantage in comparison with the other aftermarket products available today. Amazing penetrating angles at the time of Drift, with such persistence in the accuracy of line taking and all aspects of cornering, the T-TRAX ADVANCE shows amazing efficiency with the aggressive cam angles which is optimum for drifting the friction clutch discs also has a larger surface area, furthermore with the use of the coil spring discs and the high setting of initial torque which is raised higher than any other brands in the market today.

With a total effective friction area of 764cm^2 throughout a number of oversized clutch discs, the Tomei Technical Trax has the largest friction area of any other differential on the market.

Tomei’s Technical Trax has these features over its competitors:

*Torque Conductivity
*Quick Response
*High Durability
*Easy Maintenance

Merits for large size friction disk:
*Enables quicker turn-in, especially at low speed (i.e. parking) by reducing pressure of friction discs.

*Long term benefit; easy maintenance and longevity-conscious materials help disks maintain locking performance over time

*Increased throttle steer capability, extremely predictability

*Alleviated Understeer; LSD design puts power where your car requires it, releiving the “push” feeling at high cornering speeds.
*Improvement in durability of plate, disks, springs, and oil by reducing pressure of friction disks.
*Noise Reduction by reduced pressure of friction disks

Why This LSD Kicks ASS for drifting:
Compared with the other products, T-TRAX LSD has an overwhelming advantage with its effective design. By adoption of a clutch disk system with the optimal cam angle and suitable size for the dynamics of drifting, T-TRAX dmeonstrates preeminent performance at any situation with increased angle, more precise lines to hit apexes/clipping points, and maintaining a good line all the way out of the corners exit to lead to increase controllability in continuous corners.

Anyone who really drives knows; its easiest to finish a course well if you began the course well. Racing line mistakes lead to corrections which can often lead to more line mistakes, especially on short drifting courses. This LSD unit minimizes mistakes drivers often make from imprecise equipment and makes precise racing line more possible. Buy this LSD Unit, and watch your driving improve!

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SKU 562020
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