Tomei Exhaust Turbo Elbow Outlet Pipe Nissan 240sx SR20DET 1989-1998


Tomei Exhaust Turbo Elbow Outlet Pipe Nissan 240sx SR20DET 1989-1998


This unit will work with all SR20DET engines that have the Exhaust Air Injection (EAI) mechanism removed and most aftermarket exhaust manifolds.

For years Tomei has been one of the most revered tuners and parts manufacturers in Japan. Their line of titanium exhausts are probably some of the most inexpensive and above par quality exhausts out there. They are also particularly well known for their great SR20DET Turbine Outlet Pipe. Countless people have chimed in about how great the turbo response improves after integrating one of these guys into their exhaust system. Tomei probably doesn’t believe in the philosophy of “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” however, because they have gone and done just that.

The image above demonstrates the new design of this popular SR20DET part. It has an increased air flow capacity of 950cc, up from 750cc. The mouth of the outlet pipe is where some of this widening has occurred and should net better turbo response. The other end of the pipe has also been widened up to 3 inches which should mate perfectly with equivalent turbo downpipes. All these new features in an already great quality product ensures this unit will be a success again and with its lost wax casting process (also used in Fine Art Production), fitment, and installation should be a spot on.

* Comes with o2 sensor adapter to use skinny or fat SR20DET o2 sensor.


Diameter Size 76.3mm

Larger air volume of 950cc

For manifolds without EAI

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Vendor: Tomei

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SKU 423002
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