Tanabe GF210 Springs Nissan 350Z 2003-2007 Z33


Tanabe GF210 Springs Nissan 350Z 2003-2007 Z33


The GF210 coil spring is geared towards maximum performance, without compromising daily driveability. A subtle drop provides an aggressive stance, while the higher spring rates (+20% – 30% over stock) provide excellent handling and vehicle stability characteristics. These springs provide a very noticeable gain in performance when installed.

The GF210 is well-mated with a performance shock upgrade to extract the full potential of the coil spring, but will also work with factory equipment.

Each coil spring application is tested for fitment and optimal weight distribution for sportier handling.


Spring Rates.: Front (6.0 kg/mm), Rear (6.7 kg/mm)

Down Data.: Front (1.0), Rear (1.2)


Vendor: Tanabe

Additional information

Weight 28.75 lbs