Stoptech Slotted Sport Brake Kit Front / Rear Mini Cooper/S 2004-2006


Sport Axle Pack, Slotted, 4 Wheel


StopTech Power Slot Stage 2 Brake Upgrade package for the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S utilize the stock caliper as a starting point, but improve all other aspects of the braking system. This comprehensive, Mini Cooper and Cooper S Stage 2 upgrade kit from StopTech Power Slot includes stoptech brake pads, stainless steel lines, StopTech Power Slot SportStop slotted rotors for all four corners.

StopTech Power Slot SportStop slotted rotors are direct OEM replacements and will fit the OEM calipers. SportStop slotted rotors won’t drastically improve the braking distance of your Mini, but they do cool off faster and when used with a high performance brake pad, they will cut a few feet off your 60-0. Putting stoptech brake pads on all four corners helps provide you with higher resistance to fade, higher maximum operating temperature, and better initial bite to allow consistent deep braking into corners. The StopTech Power Slot Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Kit is recommended for the Mini that is primarily used as a daily driver but might see the occasional autocross; if you plan on doing track events we suggest picking up a set of pads more appropriate for that task. This kit does not fit Mini Coopers with the JCW factory brake upgrade.

Stage 2 Kit Includes:

stoptech Brake Pads

StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines

StopTech Slotted Brake Rotors

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Vendor: Stoptech