Spec Stage 3 Mazdaspeed 6 Clutch Kit


Spec Stage 3 Mazdaspeed 6 Clutch Kit


This clutch handles 470 torque For heavily modified street and race engines, Spec’s stage 3 offers sufficient daily drivability with a comfortable pedal feel and quick engagement. The Stage 3 can be driven daily and will hold significant power with harsh engagement & some chatter as the trade off. Includes a high-clamp pressure plate, 6 puck carbon semi-metallic friction with high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and alignment tool. Designed for an OEM-quality fit, and developed specifically to meet the demands of your application, Spec clutch kits for the Mazdaspeed6 are some of the finest on the market. Ranging from Stage 1 to Stage 5, with everything in between, including a few plus stages, you’re bound to find the right kit for your modified MS6. Spec clutch kits include the pressure plate, disc, applicable bearings and proper alignment tool. If you need your clutch fast, we suggest calling so we can make special arrangements.

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Vendor: SPEC

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