Skunk2 Timing Chain Tensioner Honda/Acura K Series


Skunk2 Timing Chain Tensioner Honda/Acura K Series


Skunk2’s Timing Chain Tensioner, compatible with all Honda K-series engines, is the ultimate safeguard for your engine. Pro Series tensioners are machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminum, heat-treated, and feature stiffer, OEM-quality springs that prevent the exhaust camshaft from slamming shut at low engine speeds and eliminate chain slack. Skunk2’s tensioner also includes an upgraded 16mm diameter piston (1.5mm larger) with a larger ratcheting mechanism featuring deeper and wider, hardened-steel ratcheting teeth for extra protection – two teeth versus one on the OEM. Skunk2’s tensioner also fits tightly against the timing chain guide to ensure against rotational movement, which can exert uneven load against the ratcheting teeth. The factory-designed oil passages and check valves are retained, which means the tensioner remains lubricated and pressurized just as Honda intended.

Pro Series Timing Chain Tensioners underwent hundreds of hours of engine dyno testing in order to simulate the most extreme conditions possible, like low-rpm (low oil pressure) testing complete with some of the most aggressive camshaft and valve spring combinations available. Test engines were also repeatedly shut down and re-started to recreate the harshest timing chain tensioner environments possible

High-Grade, 7075 Aluminum Construction
Stiffer, OEM-Quality Spring
Larger And Stronger Internal Piston
Larger And Stronger Ratcheting Mechanism
Retains OEM Oil Passages And Check Valves

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Vendor: Shunk 2

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SKU 340-05-0002
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