Seibon OEM Style Trunk Lid BMW 128i & 135i 2008-2012


Seibon OEM Style Trunk Lid BMW 128i & 135i 2008-2012


Seibon carbon fiber body components for the BMW 1 class are among the best carbon fiber body parts money can buy. With over 15 years experience in the industry, Seibon’s production team has perfected their manufacturing process to produce a stunning, high quality carbon fiber finish. Every Seibon component is constructed using a single piece carbon sheet for a consistent weave pattern without broken lines or seams. Seibon offers two types of finish on most of their carbon fiber products. Traditional wet carbon fiber products feature a factory quality clear coat top layer for a durable smooth-as-glass finish. Seibon wet carbon fiber products can be installed in their natural state or prepped and painted like any standard body panel. Seibon dry carbon fiber products feature a great looking race inspired matte carbon fiber finish without any top coat for an ultra light weight construction that is ideal for competition vehicles. All Seibon carbon fiber products are constructed in molds formed from factory direct OEM body panels for unmatched quality and fitment.

Seibon offers a 6-month limited clear coat warranty and guaranteed fitment for all USDM vehicles that have not had any body reconstruction. Though all Seibon products are test fit before release, it is important to understand that no aftermarket body components will bolt up perfect right out of the box. As a precaution, test fitting Seibon products on your car is highly recommended before cutting, painting or drilling. It is considered normal to do minor adjustments for a good fit and professional installation is recommended for the best results. As special vehicles are necessary to ensure damage free transit, all large size Seibon carbon fiber products (hoods, trunk lids, doors, lips, spoilers etc.) are privately shipped directly from the Seibon factory and carry a flat rate shipping fee. Smaller items such as grilles, vents, engine covers etc. are drop-shipped via FedEx.


Product listed on this page is clear coated traditional style (aka wet) unless specifically listed as dry carbon fiber.

All Seibon carbon fiber products are designed to bolt up to stock hardware components such as hinges and hood or trunk latch hardware. While not required, hood pins are recommended for all carbon fiber hoods.



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Weight 35.0 lbs