Seibon Carbon Fiber Rear Doors Subaru WRX / STI 2008-2014


Seibon Carbon Fiber Rear Doors Subaru WRX / STI 2008-2014


When comparing carbon fiber products, the three most important questions to ask are: 1)is the product made with one-piece carbon sheet, or multiple sheets put together; 2)is it gel-coat finish or clear coat finish, and 3) is the carbon fiber sheet wrapped around the skeleton, or is it integrated into the mold? All Seibon Carbon Fiber products are made using one-piece carbon sheet, so you do not see broken lines and patterns as you would with other methods. All Seibon items also utilize an OEM quality clear coat finish for shine and durability, giving the final product a show quality “wet” look as opposed to a dull look from lesser quality gel coats. All Seibon carbon fiber sheets are built into the mold, so they do not break and split like the ones where carbon is only wrapped around the skeleton. What many people don’t understand is that it is impossible to create a 100% carbon fiber product. Without some sort of skeleton framing, carbon fiber is simply a spool of fabric. All Seibon carbon fiber products are constructed from a fiberglass skeleton frame and a carbon fiber fabric overlay. All carbon fiber parts are examined and double-packed before shipping. However, due to the large size of most items, handling can be awkward, and sometimes trucking companies do not handle items carefully. When ordering a carbon fiber product, you must inspect the item for damage prior to signing proof of delivery. If damage is discovered after items have been signed for, little recourse is available to obtain a replacement. All Seibon carbon fiber products include a 6-month limited clear coat warranty. While fitment is tested on all USDM cars, please understand that carbon fiber parts will never fit as perfect as OEM. Tweaking, shimming etc. may be required for desired fitment. Installation by a professional is recommended for best results. DD0809SBIMP-R



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