Racecomp Engineering Yellow Lowering Springs Subaru STI 2008-2014


Racecomp Engineering Yellow Lowering Springs Subaru STI 2008-2014


RaceComp’s classic “Yellow” high performance lowering springs are now available for the GR chassis Impreza STI! Following the release of their popular “Regular Guy” springs, RaceComp has produced a more aggressive lowering spring for the 08+ STI. These new springs lower the car approximately 15mm and include new replacement bumpstops to maintain as much travel as possible on the lowering sensitive GR Impreza chassis. Spring rates are an aggressive 330 lbs/in front and 335 lbs/in rear. With a stance to match the performance, these springs utilize the knowledge RaceComp has gained from years of GR chassis set-up experience to maximize handling, retain ride comfort, and improve the look of your Impreza. RCE’s goal was to help cure the crippling understeer that adds to lap times at the track and autocross course. Studying the design of the new GR suspension, a more aggressive performance spring has been produced that retains available bump travel, matches the OEM dampers, and works in conjunction with the new rear motion ratio. The result is a car that handles extremely well from corner entry to corner exit.

For the 2011-2014 Impreza STI, ride height is reduced 10mm instead of 15mm.


Vendor: Racecomp Engineering

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Weight 27.75 lbs