Perrin Subaru Turbo Blanket Subaru Turbo EJ Motors 2002-2017


Perrin Subaru Turbo Blanket Subaru Turbo EJ Motors 2002-2017


The Perrin Turbo blanket fits snugly around the turbine housing of your turbo to keep nearly all radiant heat away from your intercooler, intake and other engine components and in the exhaust for a faster spooling turbo. As exhaust gases cool down they loose energy and velocity. The turbo blanket keeps hot exhaust gases hot, which in turn keeps the velocity of exhaust gases high, improving response while decreasing underhood temps.

The turbo blanket features 3 layers of construction: an outer cover made from silicone impregnated fiberglass, an inner layer made of calcium magnesium silicate insulation, and stainless steel mesh used to contain the inner layer. Stainless steel rivets are mounted to the blanket and stainless steel wire is supplied to secure the blanket to your turbo making installation a breeze.


Fitment is guaranteed with OEM Subaru turbos only.

Fits under OEM and Perrin heatshields.



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Weight 1.0 lbs