OS Giken Super Lock Limited Slip Differential Scion tC 2005-2010 MT (E350 type trans)


OS Giken Scion TC (E350 Type MT Only) Super Lock LSD


OS Giken Has spent countless hours in research and development time to get their OS Super Lock LSD exactly where they wanted it. The OS Super Lock LSD miniaturized pressure ring and superior spline-through-side-gear design allows for fitment of 28 plates, offering true 100% lock capability. When combined with the patented lock timing system the Super Lock LSD is able to lock in a quiet, smooth and progressive manner. The superior design makes this comfortable on the street yet aggressive on the race track.

Every component on the OS Super Lock LSD has been constructed using high-grade steel alloy, Raw-forged gears and chemically heat treated for the maximum amount of durability under hard driving, even the clutch discs have been precision machined simultaneously on both sides for tight tolerances to minimize warping. Each LSD case is relief cut for the cone spring for less spring degradation and machined from a single billet piece so not one piece differs from another. The OS LSD standard spec allows low preload while retaining 100% lock and is very quiet and smooth with no break in period, you can actually install the LSD, drive it comfortably to the race track and not have to adjust a single thing yet still transmit all the power to the drive wheels under load without worries of breaking anything. The LSD is completely tune-able, from initial torque adjustments with thicker/thinner cones to lock progression timing using a stiffer or softer pressure ring spring. If you are in the market for an LSD that does it all smoothly without sacrificing any performance or comfort, this is the option for your vehicle.

For vehicles that are heavily modified or in specific forms of motorsports, OS Giken offers the Spec-X LSD. The custom order Spec-X is available in 1-way, 1.5-way, and 2-way configurations and can be made with custom cam angles, lock timing, and initial torque settings.


Fully Customizable Lock Timing System

High Grade Steel Alloy Construction

28 Clutch Plates



Vendor: OS Giken

Additional information

Carb Compliance Yes
Prop 65 Unknown
EPA Approved N/A
Weight 28.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in