Mishimoto Transmission Cooler Kit Silver Subaru WRX CVT 2015-2017

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Mishimoto 15 Subaru WRX CVT Transmission Cooler Kit


The CVT Transmission in the Subaru WRX is an impressive system, providing smooth and seamless gear changes with the pull of a lever. However, overheating the transmission fluid can cause early component failure, especially for those interested in racing their WRX or even towing a small trailer. Mishimoto has just the solution for any high-stress situation you can throw to your CVT-equipped WRX. Mishimoto started by placing a large 19-row oil cooler in the front of the vehicle, where it gets the most amount of airflow. The Mishimoto oil cooler kit is designed to work with the stock transmission cooler, creating a system that is ready for any challenge.

When installed, the Mishimoto engineers put the transmission cooler through a series of rigorous tests, including driving the vehicle, fully-loaded with occupants and supplier, up a steep grade to measure the efficiency of the 19-row oil cooler. Mishimoto engineers saw consistent 20 Degrees Fahrenheit (6.7 Degrees Celsius) drops in transmission fluid temperatures, with temperature decreases even during normal driving. If you drive your CVT WRX hard on the racetrack or street, the Mishimoto CVT Transmission cooler is a must!


20°F (6.7°C) temperature decrease compared to using only the stock transmission cooler

Direct fit with no cutting or modification to the vehicle

19-row stacked-plate oil cooler is front mounted for maximum airflow

Mounting brackets include provisions for aftermarket horns

Works in conjunction with the stock transmission cooler

Works with the Mishimoto engine oil cooler kit

Cooler available in Sleek Silver or Stealth Black

*Adds approximately 1 qt of transmission fluid

Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

This will add approximately 1 qt. of CVT transmission fluid. The transmission fluid is called ñHT CVT Fluid” and it can be purchased at any Subaru dealer. Recommended torque specification for all straight fittings and banjo bolts: 15-25 ft/lbs (operating range). Do not exceed the maximum torque rating of 35 ft/lbs.


Vendor: Mishimoto

Additional information

Carb Compliance Yes
Prop 65 Yes
EPA Approved N/A
Weight 9.4 lbs
Dimensions 17.9 × 14.8 × 8.6 in