K&N FIPK Air Intake System BMW 3-Series E36 1992-1999


K&N FIPK Air Intake System BMW 3-Series E36 1992-1999


The K&N Generation II F.I.P.K. (Fuel Injection Performance Kit) short ram intake for the 95-99 E36 M3 combines the efficiency of a high flow K&N air filter with an induction system optimized for a smooth air intake flow. K&N uses the largest conical air filter able to fit under the hood of your M3 to maximize filtration and allow the 3.0/3.2L engine to take in as much air as it can handle. A custom heat shield protects the air filter from hot, under-hood temperatures to ensure a cooler intake temperature. The air filter is attached to a rotationally molded, high-density, polyethylene intake tube to enhance the intake charge by creating an air stream, free of power-robbing turbulence. The performance of the FIPK intake system has been dyno proven, creating more than 8 horsepower on a stock 3.2L 97 M3. You can’t argue with numbers like that from a short-ram intake. K&N Generation II FIPK intake systems for the 95-99 BMW M3 is legal for street use in all 50 states, and mounts to the factory intake mounting locations with common hand tools. All necessary hardware is included for a complete and clean installation.

Replacement Filter: RC-4690

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SKU 57-1000
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