HKS Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Honda S2000 2000-2009

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This exhaust manifold does not sacrifice the torque characteristics at low to mid speed range. The layout is the same 4-2-1 type as the factory manifold. HKS’ exhaust manifold is twisted at “2” to extend the pipe length allowing the torque improvement at mid speed range Knocking is also reduced, increasing ignition timing and air-fuel ratio for further performance and stability. Weight is 5kg less than the stock exhaust manifold.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold

Size: 45mm – 5mm – 65mm,

Style: 4-2-1

HKS has developed the Super Sound Master and Metal Catalyzer simultaneously. By setting HKS exhaust manifold the high potential S2000 drive powerfully and comfortably.

SKU: 33002-AH001

Vendor: HKS

Additional information

SKU 33002-AH001
Carb Compliance No
Prop 65 Unknown
EPA Approved N/A
Weight 15.7 lbs
Dimensions 43.1 × 12.6 × 11.8 in