Grimmspeed Subaru Machined Oil Cap


Grimmspeed Subaru Machined Oil Cap


Kick out your old oil cap and tell it to hit the streets, we have a younger, much more attractive version to shine up that engine bay! Want a piece that is really really rediculously good looking? The GrimmSpeed oil cap fits like OEM and allows room for intercooler piping or any hoses/cables. We also added a little caution in there for when things get HOT! (We like to see it as bacon). Beautifuly machined accent to your engine bay!


Fits all Subaru EJ Models from 93-2016

OEM Size in diameter
(Will not interfere with any hoses or intercooler piping)

Factory Fit for clean install

Lightweight and incredibly durable.

Caution HOT! symbol on cap.
(Otherwise known as BACON)

SKU: 120003

Vendor: GrimmSpeed

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SKU 120003
Weight 2.0 lbs