Go Fast Bits G-Force II Electronic Boost Controller – Universal


Go Fast Bits G-Force II Electronic Boost Controller – Universal


Go Fast Bits introduces one of the most comprehensive electronic boost control systems on the market with the release of their G-FORCE electronic boost controller. The G-FORCE electronic boost controller integrates split second boost response and reaction with features and fail-safe systems found on boost control systems costing hundreds more. With versatile high end features like scramble boost (with included remote switching system), Spike-Stop boost protection, six boost pre-set capability( and many others) you can’t go wrong with the G-FORCE system. The Go Fast Bits G-FORCE has the ability to accurately control in excess of 50psi, 30% higher than that of comparable systems on the market! Your street or track car will never outgrow the G-FORCE making it the stand alone boost control system you will ever have to buy. Go Fast Bits includes all necessary hardware, wiring and mounting accommodations to make integrate the G-FORCE electronic boost controller seamlessly into any cabin with attractive and effective results.

Features & Specs:

High Boost Capability: controls boost up to 50psi (3.5bar)

Open or Closed Loop Operation: prevents boost variations that can occur in different gears,RPMranges and atmospheric conditions

6 Inidvidual Boost Pre-Sets: program a different boost pressure and rise rate for each gear, and select on-the-fly

Scramble Boost Function with Included Aux Remote: program a timed boost increase when needed, remote button activatated!

Spike-Stop Feature: helps tame boost spiking on turbocharger systems prone to spiking

Real-Time Boost Gauge: display real-time boost in PSI, KpA or Bar

Overboost Warning System: user adjustable warning to indicate if the boost pressure is too high.

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SKU 3004
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