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This service is not a performance enhancing service. We will not be loading your car onto our dyno unless requested, in which case there will be an additional charge of $150 for 3 pulls. This is specifically to get burbles, pops, & possibly flames depending on the car model and your exhaust setup. The more free flowing your exhaust is, the louder and more aggressive the pops will be. We can also enable 2-step, launch control, & burnout mods as well (up-charges apply & will be paid for upon completion of the install). Purchasing this will also get your car licensed through UpRev so you won’t have to purchase another license for any future tuning.

Place this item in your cart and check out in order to start the process of scheduling a appointment.  Once you have, an associate will be in touch with you in order to schedule your appointment.  Due to the complexity of scheduling for custom tune work, deposits, are NON – REFUNDABLE, and NON – TRANSFERABLE.  In the event an appointment needs to be rescheduled, a 2nd deposit will be required to book the new appointment as well

Burbles & Pops

Form for purchasing burbles & pops
  • Please include your vehicles year, make, & model.
  • Please provide your vehicles VIN number.
  • Please include your vehicles exact mileage.
  • Please include any performance modifications that have been done to the car.
  • Select which options you'd like. You can toggle between these by using the cruise control. One Selection is included in the original price and each additional selection is $25 extra.


Vendor: ECS


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