Deatchwerks Subaru Top Feed Injector O-Ring Set


Deatchwerks Subaru Top Feed Injector O-Ring Set


Have you smelled fuel vapors coming through the heater vent on cold mornings? Maybe just caught a whiff of gasoline vapor when you open the hood? Have you checked your injector O-rings recently? These replacement fuel injector O-rings will prevent fuel leaks and are a good idea when swapping injectors. These kits fit all OEM and OEM replacement injectors including Deatschwerks.


Be sure wether you have top feed or side feed injectors before you order. 04-06 STI’s use side feed injectors while 07 STI’s and 02-07 WRX’s use top feed.

Each set includes O-rings for four injectors.

SKU: 11500


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SKU 11500
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