Cusco Sport ZERO-3X Competition Coilovers Subaru STI 2008-2014


Cusco Sport ZERO-3X Competition Coilovers Subaru STI 2008-2014


Cusco Sport ZERO-3X Competition coilovers are the ultimate choice for competition use. The newly developed mono-tube shock absorbers offer 24-step damping force adjustments of rebound, high speed damping, and low speed damping, giving you the ability to a wide variety of adjustment which will help you set up handling to your advantage. An external oil reservoir reduces the chances of lessened performance during performance driving due to overheated oil. Paired with Cusco’s solid high strength metal and spherical bushing pillow ball mounts, the system gives quick steering response and precise driving & braking control. The coilovers are double adjustable to allow for ride height setting done separate from spring preload to allow for maximum performance. All Zero-3 components pass a salt spraying test, preventing in sticking components caused by rusting, keeping each coil-over kit clean and lasting longer.


Spring Rates: F: 12kg/mm, 671lb/in R: 14kg/mm, 783lb/in

Upper Mounts: adjustable pillowball front, non adjustable pillowball rear

Adjustability: Height, Preload, 24 Step Rebound, 24 Step Dampening – Low Speed and High Speed Bump

Adjustability Range: F: -60mm to 0mm / R: -60mm to -20mm

E-Con Compatibility: no


Subaru STI 2008-2014

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SKU 692 63X CP
Weight 75.0 lbs