Cusco Engine Mounts Nissan 240SX 1989-1998

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Cusco Motor Mounts S13-S14-S15 240SX


Specially designed for the Nissan 240SX, Cusco mounts will help you reduce drivetrain movement and increase feedback. Included are two engine mounts filled with high durometer rubber. These are designed from the ground up to get the job done, and you will enjoy the amplified sensation and reduced engine slop. Increased noise and vibrations are too be expected as a trade off for a more solid vehicle. These mounts are stiffer than the Subaru Group N mounts and may not be ideal for casual drivers.


Nissan S13 240SX w/KA 1989-1994

Nissan S13 240SX w/SR 1989-1994

Nissan S14 240SX w/KA 1995-1998

Nissan S14 240SX w/SR 1995-1998

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SKU 223 910 A
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