COBB Subaru 5MT Shifter Bushing Pack


Cobb Subaru 5MT Shifter Bushing Pack


Looking to remove the side-to-side and front-to-back slop in your shifter? Wanting to save some money doing it? Why not invest in the COBB Shifter Bushing Pack! You get the stiffer 95A front bushings and 85A rear bushing all in one package!! Direct replacement components that will improve your shifter precision and feel. Why not shift with confidence!


95A Durometer Front Bushings

85A Durometer Rear Shifter Stay Bushing

Eliminate Front-to-Back & Side-to-Side Slop in Stock Shifter

Improves the Feel of the Shifter

Direct Replacement

SKU: 21132X

Vendor: COBB