Cobb SF Air Intake + Airbox Mitsubishi Evo X 2008-2015


Cobb 08-15 Mitsubishi EVO SF Intake and Airbox


The C.A.R.B. certified COBB Tuning SF Intake utilizes our custom design to optimize flow for ideal performance. The custom conical cloth filter feeds filtered air directly to the engine, while maintaining optimal intake velocity and minimizing turbulence. The COBB SF Airbox for the Evo X will help to prevent hot and turbulent air from being ingested into the engine.


Mitsubishi SF Intake + Airbox Evo X 2008-2015

Composite Intake Body for Heat Rejection

Integrated Velocity Stack

Increased Power

Pre-Oiled, Cleanable, Reusable Custom Filter Element

Laser Etched COBB Logo


Vendor: COBB