Clutch Masters FX400 6 Puck Clutch Kit for 87-92 Supra Turbo

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Clutch Masters 86-93 Toyota Supra 3.0L Eng T / 86-Up Toyota Supra 1JZ / 91-93 Toyota Supra 3.0L Eng


Heavy duty pressure plate; sprung, 4- or 6-pucked ceramic disc; quick engagement; tremendous holding power. If your Supra Turbo has major upgrades and is making loads of power and/or your Supra is a dedicated track car, then you should look at the FX400 clutch from Clutch Masters. Designed for a 87-92 Supra MK3 Turbo with Turbo upgrades, higher boost, etc. The clutch for aggressive drivers. You will experience harsh engagement that is not suggested for daily driven cars, but is ideal for the for aggressively driven weekend toy and track driven Supra. Did we mention that engagement is harsh and pedal feel will be heavy? Clutch Masters offers the FX400 as a 4-puck or a 6-puck kit. The 6-puck kit will dissipate heat better than the 4-puck version, but the 4-puck can handle a little bit more power.

Clutck Kids Include:

Friction Disc

Pressure Plate

Necessary Bearings

Alignment Tool

SKU: 16063-HDC6


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SKU 16063-HDC6
Carb Compliance Yes
Prop 65 Unknown
EPA Approved N/A
Weight 24.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4.5 in