Agency Power Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit Blue WRX 2002-2014 / STI 2007


Agency Power Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit Blue WRX 2002-2014 / STI 2007


The biggest problem in increasing horsepower on the factory Subaru WRX engine is the fuel delivery. The factory system runs the fuel in series which tends to cause certain cylinders to obtain less fuel. In higher boost applications, these cylinders can lean out dangerously causing the motor to fail. Agency Power has redesigned the fuel system to distribute the fuel equally to all four cylinders. As well, Agency Power has designed its 6061 aluminum fuel rails to have the proper angle for the injectors to fit and spray the fuel correctly.

The distribution block is designed to bolt on to the manifold for easy fitment. Then the factory fuel pressure regulator is retained, as aftermarket ones are not needed for most applications. The distribution block even has a fitment for an aftermarket fuel pressure gauge sensor if you decide to add that later. The lines are all steel braided and coated with Teflon insides for better flow compared to rubber lines. Teflon even last longer. The diameter of the smaller distribution lines is dash 4. The larger fuel feed line is a dash 10.

Each line is assembled to the fuel rail block and distribution block with AN fittings and Teflon tape. This will never leak or come apart under extreme pressures. The Agency Power Fuel Rail Kit works with all 2002 and up 2.0L Subaru WRX motors only. Top feed injectors work only for this kit like the factory setup.

Fitment:02-14 WRX, 2007 STi, 04-13 forester XT turbo, 05-09 legacy GT turbo, outback turbo as well.

Part Number: AP-GDA-120


Vendor: Agency Power

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Weight 3.75 lbs