Agency Power Dual Catback Exhaust BMW 335i Coupe 2007-2011


Agency Power Dual Catback Exhaust BMW 335i Coupe 2007-2011


The BMW 335 twin turbo is the hottest new tuner car to hit the market. With any vehicle at this caliber, performance modifications come naturally. With the need to increase performance, Agency Power has engineered, tested, and released this sexy exhaust system for the 335 coupe. Gaining horsepower and torque, this elegantly finished exhaust has a racing sound that any BMW driver desires. The exhaust is made out of completely polished 321 stainless steel finished off with dual stainless tips. The exhaust has twin 2.5″ piping from the factory catalytic converters back. To gain the best sound and performance, Agency Power uses a single canister muffler design that was engineered to produce sporty sound without producing any annoying droning. Dyno tested and daily driven, this exhaust system is a valuable asset in the quest for performance. Unfortunately for you sedan owners this fits the coupe only!

SKU: AP-335I-170

Vendor: Agency Power

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SKU AP-335I-170
Weight 67.0 lbs