AEM Tru Boost 52mm Boost Gauge & Controller – Universal


AEM Tru Boost 52mm Boost Gauge & Controller – Universal


The AEM Tru-Boost Boost Gauge/Controller combination is a multi-featured system for simplified, comprehensive boost control. Packaged within the 52mm Tru-Boost are a 29psi capable boost controller and a peak-memory boost gauge. Other built in features include an overboost alarm with auto shutdown, wastegate delay for faster spool up, and a driver for an external warning lamp. AEM includes both a black and a silver bezel as well as black and white faceplates for simple color selection and easy matching to other AEM gauges (i.e. serial gauge, UEGO, etc.)


Two user selectable units

On-board pressure sensor included for boost levels up to 29 PSI

Peak boost memory & External warning lamp driver

User selectable over boost alarm with overboost shutdown

User selectable waste gate delay for quick turbo spool

No external interface required for programming

Easy to install harness allows for quick and easy installation

Boost hose and fittings included for easy hookup to on-board pressure sensor

Not CARB Legal: Not for sale or street use in CA & CARB states.

SKU: 30-4350

Vendor: AEM

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SKU 30-4350
Weight 1.5 lbs