AEM Cold Air Intake Gunmetal Gray Mitsubishi Ralliart 2009-2014

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AEM 09-11 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 2.0L L4 Cold Air Intake


The new AEM Cold Air Intake kit for the Mitsubishi Ralliart is one of the best and first mods you can do to your car. This system incorporates a fully enclosed airbox which houses a dryflow filter and uses the factory air duct to draw in the coolest air possible. During testing AEM found that open intakes were prone to heat soaking and high IAT temperatures. AEM’s engineers went through several combinations of tube diameters, DryFlow air filter sizes, and sealed or unsealed airboxes to determine the best solution for the Ralliart.

The goal was to maximize air flow to the turbo, minimize intake air temperatures (IATs), and maintain proper fuel trims to stay within the factory mass air flow (MAF) sensor calibration. The end result lowered IAT temps below stock and also yielded low air velocity around the AEM DryFlow air filter. This low velocity around the filter element allows for even dust loading and helps prevent uneven flow characteristics which can affect MAF sensor readings.

The cross-linked polyethylene airbox leads into an aluminim CNC-machined MAF adapter which feeds the turbo by way of a high flow turbo inlet constructed of ultra-strong EPDM rubber. AEM has seen gains of up to 16.6hp and 17ft/lbs of torque with this system; making this a great bang for the buck.


Mitsubishi Ralliart 2009-2014

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SKU 21-698C
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